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Trump’s Cabinet and Conflicts of Interest – Seth Meyers

Trump's Cabinet and Conflicts of Interest - Seth Meyers

. Seth Meyers takes a closer look at how President-Elect Donald Trump has been deflecting questions about his business empire. While we’re ‘giving Trump a chance’ he’s using the office to benefit himself financially…An illegal conflict of interest. Trump utilizes Nixon’s own air-tight defense: “When the President does it, it means it’s not illegal!”

Speaking of Trump’s cabinet picks, the under-represented white nationalists say it’s ‘like Christmas!’ They call the grisly crew a ‘dream team.’ This is  the first time, even ironically that Sessions, Bannon and Flynn have been pegged ‘dream’ anything.

For comic relief, it’s fun to pretend you’re watching Trump’s cabinet picks from your home in Iceland.  From that distance it’s hilarious that Rick Perry is being considered for Dept. of Energy, one of the three he vowed to eliminate – when he could remember all three. Here, the future official is seen ‘rapping’ with Vanilla Ice on DWTS.