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Trump’s Vile Attacks on John McCain, Bush 41, Sen. Warren and #Me Too Cheered in Montana Rally

Was this horrendous spectacle in Montana a Trump campaign rally?  How to explain the alleged conservatives in attendance who cheered while Trump launched nasty, vile, disrespectful attacks on honored conservatives President George H.W. Bush 41 and Sen. John McCain – are they not conservative heroes? Captain Bone-spurs has it in for American hero McCain, yet the crowds lap it up. Equally popular are Trump’s ever-expanding ‘bits’ on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and ironically, for a sexual predator,  the #MeToo movement.
Like Joe Scarboro I have to wonder if there is ever a bridge too far?  What appeal does Trump hold for ‘conservatives’ as he tramples everything they once claimed to stand for?

President Donald Trump Mocks John McCain, George H.W. Bush 41 At Montana Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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