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War on Women Repubican House Top Priortiy

Tea Party Darling Mike Pence (R-Indiana) may have dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, but he has managed to get 154 fellow Republicans to sponsor his bill to remove all funding to Planned Parenthood.

This bill has gained "legs" because it has become much like Republican James O’KeefeO’Keefe with his doctored video clip did to destroy ACORN – an organization to help poor urban minorities in housing and access to the vote. Also like Republican BreitbartBreitbartthood. Lila Rose infiltrates Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is presently not allowed to use federal funding for abortions – which make up less than 3% of the services to women they provide. Which is the purpose of The Hyde Amendment. So this has nothing to do with abortion but rather a War on Women’s health and birth control options.

One third of the budget of Planned Parenthood is subsidized by the government, the remaining two thirds is funded by private donations with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation the largest baby killers.  97% of the services of Planned Parenthood concern helping 3 million women a year with pap smears, screening for diabetes, breast cancer, cervical cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and birth control counseling and subsidies.

Of course this same theme is contained in the Republican sponsored Constitutional Amendment commonly referred to as the Pro Life Amendment.

Women’s reproductive rights will be mandated by the Federal Government. The federal government shall deny pregnant women, their families and their doctors all freedoms and liberty to have or have not.

What are the Republican priorities in the new GOP controlled House? Well HR 1 is "reserved". HR 2 was the vote to repeal health care reform – which mostly concerns helping women and children who are poor or uninsured. HR 3 a redundant bill (again the Hyde Amendment already denies federal funding of abortions), but which was fun because the Republicans redefined rape as not actually rape if the woman was raped after knocked out by drugs or by someone she knows or she gave up too easily, all of which are okay with Republicans. And now we have what may be HR 4! The bill to remove federal funding for women’s cancer screening, STD testing, and birth control. Not to forget mandating it all with a Constitutional Amendment. Who is responsible for this crap? Well as the Church Lady says. SATAN!

With all that said, any time you find yourself in polite conversation with these KIND OF people, and you hear them rant about Big Government intrusion into our lives AS they tell you they want Big Government intrusion into the basic human right of women to choose their own future without Big Government intrusion, tuck you middle finger under your thumb and sharply snap them in the nose, repeatedly. until they shut the fk up.

On the other hand, if they defend the life of a fetus without screeching about Big Government and they are also Pro Life regarding capital punishment, listen politely before you tell them to shut the fk up.

And the kicker?  43% of women vote Republican no matter!  I know that’s hard to believe but it true!
On the bright side, only 4% of Black Women vote Republican. Which goes to show you, the Sisters are about 10 times smarter than the rest of them.

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