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Where did Asa Coon get the guns??

Slowly the info comes as the kid was only 14 years old. Today we got his name and that he was a White and was what the others called the "Jack Black" of the school. But what amazed me was the media and police agencies asking dumbfounded, "Where would a 14 year old get two guns?" Where? Down at the corner in 30 minutes! At any gunshow next weekend. At his house or most any house! The NRA has made guns easier for kids to get than heroin.Who was Asa Coon?

The NRA and their standard lunatic response to this (which I hear Glenn Beck will be first to utter tonight) – give each teacher and student in all our schools a Kalashnikov and a Glock – can kiss my ass.

"I got a gun and it aint teenie, it makes up for my little weenie." NRA Life Member

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