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Where’s Chris Christie?

Where's Chris Christie?

. Where’s Chris Christie?  Not in Washington. Not in New York. Must be somewhere in New Jersey keeping a low profile. Hard to decide who was the biggest loser of 2016, Hillary Clinton of Chris Christie.

And where’s Rudy Giuliani?  It was a great year for me because I can now type the vowely GIULIANI without looking it up.

But my favorite missing person is little Billy Kristol, the top war monger in America or perhaps the world. Who has also been more wrong about more things than any pundit alive.

In fact he just stepped down from the neo con bible, THE WEEKLY STANDARD which his daddy bought for him in response to President George H Bush, General Colin Powell and General Schwarzkopf cowardly ran away from Saddam Hussein in the first Iraq War in 1991. The Weekly Standard became the voice to war with Iraq for 10 years before he got a rather dim bulb president on board after 911. After all, Iraq had anything to do with 911. The Second Iraq War is now considered our biggest war failure of all. Here Hear Little Billy Kristol wherever you are.