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“You Wouldn’t Recognize Decency if It Spoke Russian” says Nicole Wallace

In Montana last night Trump got a gang of 6500 despicable people to cheer and applaud as he aimed his hatred at dying war prisoner John McCain and 94 year old recently widowed President Bush Sr for his 1000 points of light speech.

The entire fascist rally last night was filled with so more ugliness than a close up of cockroaches mating. And their was the real problem, thousands of nastyass racist pig people applauding and standing ovations the meaner, nastier, more sexist and racist he went. Low IQ blacks, mocking METOO, attacking Elizabeth Warren for the 12,000th time.

Have seen talking heads today blame it all on collective behavior, they are just poor souls caught up in the mob mentality are a really very nice people. You know, like the Nazi marchers in Charlottesville. Nice people. BULLSHIT.

Nicolle Wallace Rips Trump Over Jab at Bush 41: You Wouldn’t Recognize Decency ‘If It Spoke Russian’

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