Congressal gun enthusiasts make NRA case to Newtown empty desks, Lukofvich cartoon

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Gun enthusiasts are responsible for not only the 20 dead kids in Newtown, but for another 1000 dead children under 12 per year. Half of which are accidental. That is about 3 dead children per day caused by gun enthusiasts.

My plan here was to compare that to how many children under 12 are killed by child molesters each year, which I assume is less than 3 a day.

Problem! I have spent over an hour on Google trying to find that statistic to no avail. No matter what words I use in the search, the result page overflows with only one topic. That finding and killing! – mostly beating! or kicking! to death! – child molesters! is a good thing! and should not be against the law! With lots of exclamation points! Which seems to be at odds with all the talk of using drones before Americans are charged or convicted, but that is another story.

So I can only be subjective here.

Every parent has the RIGHT to know the names and addresses of Gun Enthusiasts in their neighborhoods so they can keep their children away from them. It is even more imperative than knowing who the child molesters are when it comes to the lives of children under 12.

Yesterday I was reading that horrible story of two teens in Georgia purposefully shooting a one year old in the face while the mother, who they wounded in a purse robbery, watched. I scrolled down to the comments. The first two…


These killers should have their arms and legs torn off before they are beheaded and I crap  down their necks.


OMG! My heart aches for that poor women.

You see? Any doubt which is the Republican? But that is not the problem, after all that is what we expect from Republicans. What gets my goat, is that American Evangelical Christianity celebrates MrAmerica rather than  Sarah when it should be doing just the opposite.

And how did that happen. It was not the case when I was growing up or coming of age. We had Jesus Freaks who were kind and nice and pleasant. We may have made fun of them but we liked them. This intolerant, violent, selfish, ignorant bigotry inherent in today’s mainstream American Christianity is something new which began when Ronald Reagan embraced Jerry Falwell to help him win the Presidency.