Daily Show Jessica Williams makes fool of Forbes Columnist John Tamny

“Food Stamps are Cruel.” Forbes columnist John Tamny

john tamny forbesIs John Tamny blind? Or does he always stare off into the distance without blinking? You have to watch this one to get a taste of it.  It makes the old Michele Bachmann deer in the headlights speech look good.

Feeding hungry people is cruel. There you have the whole libertarian wing of the GOP wrapped up concisely in just 4 words.

This goes well with FreedomWorks CEO and father of the Tea Party Matt Kibbe who wrapped up the Tea Party ideology in just a few words few months ago on Bill Maher.

“Why should I have to pay to support anyone I don’t know.” FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe

BTW, the answer to both these nitwits is called CIVILIZATION. Republicans have other words for “civilization” – they call it socialism, communism and Marxism. Anything that gives a lift or a hand or a kindness to the least of us is communism. Pope Francis is a commie, Jesus is a commie, The EU are commies. In fact just about everyone everywhere other than here is a commie. Except Singapore. Wait, just found out that Singapore has universal state run health care. So they are commies too. And so I Massachusetts and Mitt Romney, and Ronald Reagan who let 3 million socialist Mexicans in! OMG!