How Trump Can Be Prosecuted on Just What He Did Last Week – Keith Olbermann

How Trump Can Be Prosecuted on Just What He Did Last Week - Keith Olbermann

A criminal case can now be made on what Donald Trump did last week. El Trumpo has been immune from impeachment and criticism because the GOP has an uncanny ability to overlook Trump’s treasonous and unconstitutional quirks. Bringing Russian spies into the White House isn’t a big deal, as long as Trump the Tool, signs tax breaks for the wealthy and heartbreak for regular Americans.
Many of those regular Americans – perhaps suffering Trump overload, do not understand the Russian scandal. There is a large cast and an extensive web of connections. However, the big fat, white slimy worm is turning!

Trump inadvertently simplified his crimes last week, by committing yet more!  Trump’s cover-up after firing FBI Director James Comey is obvious and incriminating. We can all spot a cover-up and this one leads all of the way back through the maze of money to Russia. While Comey’s job was lost, his firing may be the key to righting our ship of state. Trump planned to appoint an FBI Director more to his liking…someone ‘loyal.’  After the events of the past week, a Wall Street Journal study shows that 78% of Americans now feel that an independent prosecutor should be brought in.

Keith Olbermann delineates the crimes Trump has committed in the past week. In articles of impeachment, and if removed from office in criminal prosecution afterwards, Trump could stand accused of 17 counts of 6 different crimes…And remember, this is just in the last week.Trump’s 100 + days have been nothing if not eventful.