Jon Stewart does Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove

Location change! Karl Rove quiting the White House means he will be doing the same job from Texas rather than inside the Beltway. I would think Republican taxpayers would be up in arms having to pay that extra postage as Rove stamps ‘Return to Sender " on all Congressional Subpoenas he receives.


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Jon Stewart (not a wussy) Does Bill Kristol

Jon Stewart treats the World’s top  advocate , instigator, supporter and planner of George Bush’s Iraq War, TOO WELL.

Why he didn’t put Kristol in a headlock and give him a knuckle-rubbie is beyond me.

Hear the same insane crap this little turd flower spits out every Sunday on Fox News. We are winning the war, the Surge is a success and George Bush is right.

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