CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE Anders Behring Breivik Kills 91 in Norway

The WSJ is now saying that the suspect in custody for the bombing that killed 7 in Oslo and the shooting of 84 children at a Labor Party camp on an island was Christian Conservative. Deadly Attacks Stun Norway

32-year-old Oslo resident and Norwegian citizen was arrested on suspicion of the twin attacks Friday. Media reports identified the man as blond-haired, and blue-eyed Anders Behring Breivik. Police declined to name him, but confirmed the reports that the suspect’s Facebook posts suggest he is a Christian right-wing extremist with anti-Muslim views.

Or as we call them over here in America, Tea Party Republicans. 

So… No new Churches in Manhattan. Or anywhere in Kentucky. 

  • Rack Jite

    One religion is no better, or more true than any other. And the celebration of intolerance, ignorance and bigotry religions breed will always lead to this kind of crap.

    I think the difference here is McVeigh went after the GOVERNMENT and this guy went after LIBERALS.

    Common denominator seems to be Christianity and guns.

    The fun part is…
    No new CHURCHES in Manhattan! 🙂

  • db

    Yes, Lt.,

    The Norway killings have a lot more in common with Oklahoma City than Al-Qaida.

    Are you arguing that the Right Wing can’t live up (down?) to their slogans; i.e. “Don’t Retreat, Reload”?

    Are you arguing that radical Christians are particularly violent? In which case I’ll ask in relationship to what? Radical Muslims or Radical Jews? I’ll contend that both of those groups have done their fair share of killing as well.

    I really don’t see how this story makes politics fun.