Drums Across Harlem and the Wankers

The real government intrusion we suffer does not come from Washington, it comes from city councils, local police and home owner associations. In 1969 a permit was issued to allow the people of Harlem to use Marcus Garvey Park on Saturday evenings to get together and play to their roots Full Article & Video

God, Bush, on garage floor

Marsborough, AL -- Darvin Lundquist, local electrician and town council member, recently sold the floor of his garage for $20,000. Lundquist, 40, of Marsborough, said he noticed an odd shaped oil stain on his garage floor last week, when he was leaving to go to a volunteer fire department practice Full Article & Video

Immigration – Turning Red Texas Blue

"Census workers know it will be difficult counting illegal immigrants for the 2010 population tally and even tougher if those immigrants are hiding from enforcement agents… To make it easier, the Census Bureau wants immigration agents to suspend enforcement raids during the population count, the Census Bureau's second-ranking official said Full Article & Video

It’s The Elephant He’s Ridin’

GOP 666

America is split red, blue, black, white, Mountain, flat, Christian, secular, North, South, rural, urban -- and of late brown and bigot. But we can all take joy in one shared commonality we all suffer together. We are all experiencing the worst President in modern American history. What can we Full Article & Video

Bush plans vacation

West Dumbass Texas - President George W. Bush announced Tuesday that he is planning a summer vacation trip to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. “I’m looking forward to getting’ down there, since Cindy Sheehan won’t be around,” said Bush. Bush said he intends to relax, reprogram his I-Pod, fish for Full Article & Video