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The post convention Trumpocalypse trailer

Damn the copyright rules at Youtube for there is no better song to back up this video or the Trump campaign itself than ACDC’s Hell’s Bells. He’s coming to get ya Hillary, Mr African American, Mr Muslim and Mr Mexican. Gosh, look at this verse from Hell’s Bells written 36 years ago applied to last…

Donald Trump in just 49 words, a bigly video

I think Hillary, the anti-Trump coalitions and the media should have put a lid on all this until after the convention in Cleveland, for the closer they all get to the truth about this buffoon the more it becomes imperative that  the GOP dump him at the convention and go with Mitt. Of course the…

Mitt Romney biggest laugh line at Convention, Obama will hold back the Ocean! Bill Maher

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherflood.mp4″ image=”http://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherflood.jpg” html5_file=”http://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherflood.mp4″ download_file=”http://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherflood.mp4″] Call it what you will. The GOP lives in an alternate reality or inside the bubble. Aand whenever the come out into the world of reality, they are either wrong or lying.