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Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

 Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

'Notorious Ann' Coulter and 'Madcap Mitt' Romney made some confident political predictions during the 2012 campaign. On the 'Rewrite'  tonight, Lawrence O'Donnell revisits two of the most famous of those predictions which you may have forgotten, because it is embarrassing (at minimum) for Republicans to speak about them. In fact, most Republicans still remain blissfully ... Full Article & Video

Naming the War Against ISIS Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Names the War Against ISIS

   Stephen Names the War Against ISIS With the Name Chamber 5000 Stephen Colbert claims that President Obama is a failure. Yes, he did!  In a stinging rebuke, Stephen accuses Obama of being 'even worse than Jimmy Carter!' That's a strong accusation, but Stephen isn't alone.  Jimmy Carter has been criticizing the President as well.  As ... Full Article & Video

President Obama Says: Don’t Be an ISIL Jimmy Fallon

President Obama Says: Don

President Barack Obama joins The Tonight Show via satellite to comment on his coalition against the terrorist organization ISIL. You've probably noticed that there are ISIL's everywhere, and so has the President. Earlier this week, he called upon the U.N. General Assembly to join forces with us to combat the terrorist organization.  You may wonder what Full Article & Video

Key & Peele: Obama Snubs Whites at Meet & Greet

Key & Peele: Obama Snubs Whites at Meet & Greet

In this Key and Peele sketch,   President Obama is introduced to a group of onlookers after giving a speech, but not everyone receives the same treatment. If Obama behaved in the way he's accused of acting by some right wing pundits and flaky congressional members, this sketch might be an accurate picture of the man. ... Full Article & Video

Obama to Obstructionist Congress: “So Sue Me!”

Obama to Obstructionist Congress: "So Sue Me!"

Speaking near the Key Bridge in Washington D.C. Tuesday, President Obama used the opportunity to ask Congress to continue funding for the Federal Highway Trust Fund, an action which would ensure employment for hundreds of thousands of workers. "It's not that hard," said the President who has clearly reached his limit of frustration with the ... Full Article & Video

SOTU: John Boehner Sings & 6 Crazy GOP Tweets

SOTU: John Boehner Sings & 6 Crazy Conservative Tweets

Speaker of the House John Boehner sings a song reflecting what he was thinking during the State of the Union address. John Boehner and Joe Biden, seated behind President Obama at the State of the Union address, resembled a pair of bookends in the classic comedy-drama mask design. Try as he might to conceal them, Boehner's Full Article & Video

Jimmy Kimmel’s Confused Question Blends: Hollywood, President Obama & Ending Government Shutdown

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's Confused Question juxtaposed President Obama, the government shutdown and the end of that shutdown, and in no way made sense - or did it? "Do you think it's right that President Obama refuses to end the government shutdown until the government shutdown ends?" This was a head-scratcher for many - who then pronounced it Full Article & Video

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin’ Around New Jersey. McCain in Syria? Cardinals! TeaPartyReport Humor

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin

Aw C'mon, are public displays of affection really necessary President Obama and Governor Christie?! Walking arm in arm, looking into one another s  eyes and holding a real conversation. No wonder their working relationship is being called a "bromance" on Fox News. Forty years ago the same civility between people from different parties, would have been Full Article & Video