Obama’s Hilariously Trolls the GOP Over Debate Drama, Putin – video


President Obama masterfully trolled Republican candidates, whose courage knows no bounds in dealing with Vladimir Putin -- from afar, comparing themselves to the "weak" President, claiming they would "make Putin listen."  Those same sensitive candidates are in a  bitter dispute with TV news outlets over perceived mistreatment, hurt feelings and other abuses cited in previous ... Full Article & Video

Obama Mocks Gloomy Republicans, Compares Them to Grumpy Cat meme

Obama Mocks Gloom and Doom  Republicans, Compares Them to  Grumpy Cat  meme

Speaking at the Women's Leadership Forum, President Obama took a playful swat at Republican rivals,comparing them to infamous internet meme  'Grumpy Cat.'The President began his speech on an optimistic note, saying: "Now the point is overall we're making enormous progress..And it does makes you wonder why Republican politicians are all so down on America. Full Article & Video