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Kimmel Asks President Obama if He’d Like to Run Against Trump video

Kimmel Asks President Obama if He'd Like to Run Against Trump

If you wonder whether President Obama ever entertains dreams of running against Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel got the opportunity to ask him in a candid interview tonight. The two shared a chuckle over the misquoted statement by Vice President Joe Biden, which leads some to think the VP is lying in wait to give Trump a beat down.  Ironically, the Donald is one who labors – perhaps quakes, under that misunderstanding.

It is revealing that the President said he wouldn’t have worried about the general course of the country had McCain or Romney won, despite his differences with those opponents.  Speaking of Trump, never before, said Obama, has a candidate questioned elections and the will of the people.  The President expanded on the role of a President, and elaborated upon what makes Donald Trump especially unsuited for the office.

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