Bill Maher Monologue, Cossacks attack Pussy Riot, Feb 21, 2014

bill maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Pussy Riot needs some music lessons. One thing I have noticed being a life long rock fan seeing so many concerts is the reason for lots of choreography is to take your attention away from the crappy music.I wonder if all the negative attention Russia and Putin have gotten over their homophobia shared ... Full Article & Video

Daily Show Jason Jones Russia turning into a red state

jason gones, russia turning into red state

What do you think Russia is, some old school conservative place where Cossacks in furry caps whip people in the streets? Wow. Gosh.  It looks as if Russia has become the place to emigrate for Evangelical Christians. Imagine the benefits if the left! Unemployment going to zero. Our average IQ rising 30 points. Educational levels increasing exponentially. Facts accepted ... Full Article & Video

Bill Maher Monologue, Russia Olympics and George Zimmerman, Feb 7 2014

bill maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Most of the monologue is about thugs from Russian and Florida. So how much is Georgie Porgie gonna make to let some black guy pound the crap out of him?  And is it the right thing to do?  Shouldn't some black guy get to pound the crap our of George ZImmerman without paying ... Full Article & Video