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Breast feeding at The Onion

Onion week in review

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMB5FCjV4wo&list=UUfAOh2t5DpxVrgS9NQKjC7A IT sounds funny,something wrong with the sliders. Or is that a new announcer? And hey, I do not breast feed and I know what's best for everyone else, as I am sure you do too. There have always been a few things I have not been able to understand from the gitgo. Why anyone would Full Article & Video

Family Devastated over DVR crash, The Onion

dvr crash, the onion

Devastated Family Struggling To Cope After Losing Everything On DVR And this is nothing - and I mean nothing - compared to a broken smart phone. In fact I would not be surprised if this new business of 2 hour drone delivery was not  brought up because Next Day Fedex is just not fast enough for Full Article & Video