Two Trump’s Confess to Conspiracy, Donald Trump is Scared – Keith Olbermann

Two Trump's Confess to Conspiracy, Donald Trump is Scared - Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann confidently observes: “We have never seen Donald Trump truly scared. But he is scared now.” I’m pulling for Keith, but I can’t get my hopes up again only to have them dashed when Trump actually shoots someone in Time Square and get s away with it – just as he predicted.

Olbermann, who is a keen observer of the political arena, analyzes the Russian house of cards that is crumbling tweet by tweet. Trump is now publicly walking back his excellent idea to team up with Vladdie Putin to ‘guard’ against cyber invasions in future American elections.  Trump’s private intentions are predictable.

Trump is so sold on our stupidity that he is a staunch advocate of handing over the SAME voter registration data to the Russians attempted to get when they hacked into state computers last year! Still, Republicans refuse to do what is necessary to bounce his big, stupid butt out of office.
“How many Americans does it take to change out a defective light-bulb?”  may already be an international joke.

This week Donald Junior handed over his email, under the misguided notion that meeting with a foreign national to influence an American election is okay – if you tell people that you didn’t get any good dirt from the meeting. As Keith mentioned yesterday, what a coincidence it was, that Donnie Senior began his campaign of touting Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails –  on the very same afternoon as Junior’s big meeting.

I hope Keith is right and the two Trumps have sense enough to be afraid. Why should we be the only ones living in terror and embarrassment?