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Achille, Oklahoma awful transgender bigots Eddie Belcher, Eddie McCroskey, Gina Segraves and Ty Hayes

Sure this  is standard Christian fare from Eddie McCroskey, Gina Segraves and Ty Hayes. Transgender kids are THINGS, and you can do anything with a THING. Hit it, smash it, shoot it or even put it in an oven.

Can we also agree that all of these people are Trump voters?  OF COURSE WE CAN. These are the kind of people he sets out to attract.

But it is Christian Eddie Belcher threatening to castrate a 12 year old transgender kid that that got the attention of the police and the FBI.

“Oh” you say, just a few bad apples.  That no longer holds since November 8, 2016. It is half the voters and the majority of white Americans.

How does that song go they play all the time at GOP and TRUMP rallies?

I am embarrassed to be an American