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Jimmy Kimmel Releases New Tape of Trump Using ‘N-Words’

Jimmy Kimmel comments on the battle between Donald Trump and his former Advisor/ Apprentice contestant Omarosa, whose perceived disloyalty has Trump in a Twitter frenzy…Like most any other week of his ‘residency’.  If Trump had not nudged Kelly to fire Omorosa, she might not have dropped her book calling him ‘a racist, a bigot and a misogynist,’ or begun her campaign of releasing a tape each day of Trump dirt – so soon.

Like Kimmel, I find it hard to know who to root for in this battle; “The lying reality show star – or Omorosa?” One of Omorosa’s charges is that Trump uses the ‘N-word’ – although Trump claims he has never used it in his life. PERJURY?  Jimmy found a tape of Trump using many ‘N-Words’ and this is definitely the time to release it.

Donald Trump Uses All Kinds of ‘N-Words’