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After Zimmerman aquittal, Americans morn death of Legal System, Onion Week in Review

Onion week in reviewOne thing’s sure, we don’t have to ask any of our Republican friends where they stand on the Zimmerman acquittal. Or the IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME speech President Obama made.  Or come to think of it, removing The South from The Voting Rights Act enforcement, or Stop and Frisk, or Stand Your Ground, or Voter Suppression laws, or walking back immigration reform, or eliminating SNAP (food stamps) from the Ag Bill, or for that matter, even discussing race in America.  Of course none of that reflects any racism on their part, after all,   racism is only about those who own slaves, lynch African Americans or burn crosses on their lawns.

The GOP has come a long way from their reflection in the few months after they lost the 2012 election. Instead of wooing Blacks and Hispanics, they have decided to poke hot sticks in their eyes.

Time after time in just the last few months alone.  The new GOP plan is to forget trying to get a few more Blacks and Hispanics to vote their way, to instead spend their efforts getting out the White vote while suppressing the minority vote. Here in Texas it took our next governor, Attorney General Greg Abbot,  only 45 minutes after the Supreme Court struck down any Southern responsibility in voting irregularities to put the Texas voter suppression package back in play. In Mississippi it took almost a full day!

Looking it up just now, I found only 93% of African American voters voted for President Obama and only 71% of Hispanics. The Republicans have done the math and realize even if they do all the things they abhor doing in deference to both monorities, they will hardly make a dent in that. They can do better by getting out the very white vote in the South and the white vote in the vast manure areas of America. Ah, the smell of manure in the morning.

We also have to look at the Black politicians the GOP puts forward. Allen West, Herman Cain, E.W. Jackson and their new shinning star in the world of Republican African American clowns, DOCTOR Ben Carson who is sure to be running for President in the GOP Primaries come 2016. All of whom deny global warming, evolution and say the dumbest damn things you ever heard. I have come to understand that all 7 % of those African Americans who voted Republicans are on the cable news talking head tour and are paid well, in silver. Oh, and that is not to mention the ugliest clown of them all, Clarence Thomas.

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