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Alternative facts are LIES. Period

It’s not just Trump’s fake news, alternate facts and in your face lies that reflect George Orwell’s Newspeak and Ministry of Truth but now eliminating federal agencies from telling the truth. Alternate President Trump has sent orders than no federal agency can mention Global Warming or Climate Change [this also the law passed down from Governor Abbott down here in Dumbutt, Texas] and has already policed Twitter and Facebook to have anything of the sort removed that was posted by a federal agency or an employee of an agency.

I have to give Alternative President Trump one thing, he has begun his Presidency with two great lies, inauguration numbers and millions of illegal votes for Hillary, before he began officially suppressing the truth. If I recall in 1984 it was the other way around.

The excuse The Media gives for not using the word “LIE” and “LIAR” is because it would alienate some Americans who would then no longer listen, or read or watch their work.  Hello?  As if any any Trump voter will listen, read or watch to anything other than talk radio, the National Enquirer or Fox News.