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Another Talibanie Bites the Dust

 To: X Reverend Ted Haggard

Subject: Hypocrisy and Intolerance go together like beans and farts

Dear Sir,
Though having a homosexual affair is not my cup of tea, I certainly do not condemn you in making that choice. It’s your business. As it is also your business to snort up some meth to enhance your pleasure while sucking some guy off.
But when you make these very things not only your business by condemning everyone else’s choices through the pulpit, politics and law, but make it what you are most about, I have to say:
Cut the crap pal. You and those like you are not Christians, nor is what you do even religion; it’s radical right-wing politics used only to make you money and justify your nastyass intolerance, your dumbass ignorance and your sorryass nature.
ADAF (and dats a fact)
Sincerely, RJ