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Death Before Taxes

I went over to Bubba’s last night for BBQ and had to suffer through an hour of Bill O’Reilly. A full straight hour of anything on FOX NEWS is not easy for a person of mind. But I did learn that the main topic of the Bill O’Reilly Show is – no surprise – Bill O’Reilly.
“Damn Bubba, his head is bigger than Saturn! All he lacks are rings. Doesn’t that weigh on you after awhile?”
“One doesn’t have to like a person to accept their political views.”
“You mean like Rush? What a horrible excuse for a human being he is, but he and O’Reilly both are right on the money when it comes to politics?”
“Damn right Rack! You got it!”
“So we put their egomaniacal a wholeness aside, ignore their abject hypocrisy, forget their disgusting private lives and just listen to them pontificate upon the issues?”
“Damn right Rack! You got it!”
“I am learning as we go here Bubba. It’s not easy. It’s not like you and I are from Venus and Mars respectively, but more like from Universe 2 and Universe 7135634. So let me see if I have this right. Both these clowns are mostly about promoting themselves, they each have sleazy private lives, they are hypocrites beyond anything previously known in either of our universes, but their politics of intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, greed, selfishness, promoting war, torture, spying on each other, and whose only answer to the have-nots (and even cripples now) is to mock and make fun of them. And that makes them good?”
“Damn right Rack! You got it!”
“Our relationship seems to be just the opposite of that, respect over politics rather than politics over respect. How do you explain that Bubba?”
“We figured that out twenty years ago Rack. The music, the fishing, the hunting and our shared sense of humor come before politics.”
“Really Bubba? AC/DC before tax cuts?”
“Well, except for tax cuts. That’s first.”
“Really Bubba? Taxes is IT? What about death?”
“Secondary.” Bubba said as he ladled more butter gravy over his pork hocks.