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Bathroom Battlegrounds, America’s Last Stand for Prejudice- Seth Meyers

Bathroom Battlegrounds, America's Last Stand for Prejudice- Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers says that prejudice over transgender people in bathrooms is not a response to an actual problem, but it’s an age-old scam to mobilize people against a vulnerable minority group. All of the phony flap over protecting the children isn’t even new. In fact, it’s the oldest play in the book -‘The Prejudice Playbook,’ a dogeared book Americans have used for years to make minorities feel like crap.

Meyers talks about America’s long history of banning people from bathrooms, first with Jim Crow laws, and later with AIDS hysteria. Meyers quips;”Attacking someone who’s different from you doesn’t make you a protector, it makes you a villager in a Disney movie.”