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Be Afraid, Black Helicopters and Taco Trucks are coming, Trump spox Marco Gutierrez

 Be Afraid, Black Helicopters and Taco Trucks are coming, Trump spox Marco Gutierrez“Never not be afraid” is my favorite quote from any movie I ever saw, The Croods, though to give Neanderthal Dad credit, it was about Neanderthal eating dinosaurs rather than Mexicans.

I want to mention once again here, that polls today show Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 2 points. She should be ahead by 20 points in a sane world. But like old soldiers, old emails never die, or even fade away for that matter.

It was Bernie Sanders who said the most important thing about this election:

“Let me say this. Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right. And that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!”

Guess not Bernie… We will be hearing it for at last the next 4 years and probably 8 years as we have Whitewater for the past 24 years. And was about $5000 that it turned out the Clinton’s had nothing to do with. Not to mention the 43 people Bill and Hillary murdered.

But even with polls showing Trump now ahead there is the electoral map that seems impossible for him to beat, that first debate and those few million voters who adore Trump but when it comes time to actually pull the lever, balk, because they know both God and Jesus are watching. Would Jesus be a Donald fan ya think?  Is there even one thing Jesus would like about Donald Trump?  One thing…

Oh, and never forget that it is in the best interest of  the media to make it close so people will watch.

All I have gotten out of this election so far is cleansing my head and home of all baseball caps I have collected and worn over the years. I never before realized they were a signal of being a poorly educated retard. Oh that one way street of political incorrectness I reject.