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If Drug Companies Were Honest – Cracked Video Humor and Horror!

 If Drug Companies Were Honest - Cracked Video Humor and Horror!


‘Cracked’ takes on the mega-money making pharmaceutical companies, because as Roger says,  “you’re entitled to the health you can afford – not the health care you need.” That statement alone should convince you that drug companies are the very soul of evil.  ‘Roger’ the ever-personable pitchman, has taken on other unscrupulous businesses, pretending to be a heartless representative with glee.  And if you don’t think about the very real repercussions, the piece is informative as well as  extremely entertaining.

Like other pharmaceutical companies, ‘Horton’ is dedicated to holding patents – which means they can price your medication sky high. When they aren’t buying patents, they’re lobbying and advertising. Oh sure, they develop a drug now and then. Their labs are equipped with the latest equipment like  ear thumpers,   sheep pubes  and little diving boards. You might see some of these modern marvels in your own doctor’s office…If a drug rep isn’t holding your doc in thrall while patients wait.  This may give you the gentle push you need to trip him or her next time they breeze past a room filled with waiting patients.  Warning: You may need a pill when you’ve seen the true face of this drug pusher.