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Bernie Sanders wrong on Bill Maher, June 1 2018

Six reasons Bernie is wrong about reaching out to the Trump white working class.

  1. 74% of Republicans say that Donald Trump is a role model for their children. Which means they are clinically insane.
  2. Push national health care for all. The reason Republicans refuse to go even as far as Obamacare is they do not want their tax money going to pay for health care for picaninnies and wetbacks.
  3. Free college education is the last thing they want, having their children not only move away to big mixed race cities, but giving their children away to communist college professors and atheists.
  4. Do something about climate change and the environment. Come on, all they want to do is shoot it, preferrably with 30 round bursts from an AR 15 AT A TIME KID KILLER.
  5. More Unions.  Are you kidding me? Everything is just fine working at Walmart and Carl Jr’s.
  6. They hate liberals more than they do Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, Blacks and MS13 combined.

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