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Roseanne Barr Drops the MF word on Twitter, Fire her again!

“I also told Ben Sherman that I would go in hospital to check my meds, bc the stress had made them less effective. I begged like 40 motherf—–s,” Roseanne Barr. Couldn’t she have typed “MF” or “MOFO” instead. But that is not who Roseane Barr is.

Let’s talk words.

The MF word is the worst word.

The C word is full sexist only in America, the rest of the English world it is used primarily men to men and far less offensive.  It is a substitute for the word “bitch” which Canadian Samantha Bee should have been wise enough to use.

The Nword is perhaps worse than the MF word. The Nword is acceptable when used by blacks, more or less the new expression of the old “brother.” And if you do not understand why that is, then you are a racist. I was going to say probably a racist but decided to go with the truth.

Is the Cword here in American more acceptable when used by woman to woman?

But the bottom line is lit up in halogen.

Everyone pays a price for bigotry, racism, bragging about pussy grabbing, mocking the disabled and bad choice of words except Donald Trump. Who is most responsible for all this vile bile on both sides.