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Bethel, Ohio, a little tea and sympathy for the Trumpers


In the Ohio town of Bethel population 2400,  a thousand armed Trump anti BLM protestors, including 250 from biker gangs faced off against 80 local BLM supporters. They beat some up while cops stood by.  One person in Bethel is black, the husband of the local teacher who organized the peaceful demonstration.

But it is this picture [on of many just like it] that got me rethinking my anti Trump stand.

How about a little tea and sympathy for the Trumpers?

What would you do and how would you feel if you were born that ugly and stupid looking?

I am real good at photoshop so if any of you would like me to shop your picture in there with this group so you can hang it on your wall for your kids and grandkids, just give me a holler.