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Betty Bowers Debates Both Sides of Guns in America

If you’re going to #MarchForOurLives, you’ll want to be armed with Betty Bower’s snappy comebacks to the NRA’s long list of talking points. Betty’s debate – with herself, covers each and every one of the wailing and keening protests we hear from the gun lobby at the very suggestion of regulating firearms. This list will stand you in good stead when you inevitably encounter a Second Amendment Patriot, and is preferable to shoving the gun barrel up his or her nose.

Oddly, many people who identify as pro-gun are also pro-life, a schizophrenic mind-set brought on by terrifying ads from the NRA and manufacturers of weapons, who know how to move merchandise with fear and paranoia.
Are we still waiting for Obama to grab our guns and throw us in a FEMA camp? The NRA and hysterical Republicans assured us that we’d hear the pounding on the door every day for eight long years!

In 2016, 15,549 people died of gun violence, not including the 21,000 Americans who took their own lives with guns.This seems like a high price to pay for the freedom to stuff the pockets of lawmakers and sell weapons of war to nitwits who often can’t operate a can opener safely.


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