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Jimmy Kimmel Trump is Furious at Leakers, Truly Sucks at Spelling

According to Jimmy Kimmel,Trump is furious that a leaker exposed his verboten phone call to congratulate Putin for ‘winning’ the election. We know this, because it was immediately leaked that Trump was furious about the leak. Trump’s irate self-defense on Twitter was rife with misspelled words. I just want someone at a press briefing to ask Huckabee-Sanders, why no one has pointed out to Trump why some of the words in his tweets sometimes change color. Jimmy says this is a sign that between crazy and dumb, dumb is in the lead. I see no reason why the two are not mutually exclusive.

Trump is proud of his BFF status with his boss, Putin. Trump claims Bush failed where he has succeeded, due to a lack of smarts.Alas, Clinton and Obama failed to make valuable friendly inroads with Putin due to their lack of energy and charisma. I feel so silly, it was right in front of us all of the time.

It’s time for Trump to “Get reeeeal” now that his sexual dalliances are multiplying as if Stormy Daniels is a Gremlin. Melania, listen closely, you are in an excellent position to renegotiate that nasty old pre-nup you signed with the moral and political leader of the Republican Evangelicals. Calling Gloria Allred!