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Bill Maher Disgusted by Trump’s Double Standard in Campaign

Bill Maher Disgusted by Trump's Double Standard in Campaign

While he’s usually asking the questions as host on “Real Time with Bill Maher,”Bill sits in the guest chair in this brief segment from MSNBC, where he expresses incredulity at Donald Trump’s unprecedented double standard.
“I’m so tired of that voice” says Maher, who points out that Trump is reason to rejoice that we do not have a brief political campaigning season, as does Great Britain.  Can I get an amen! Bill points out many of the things Trump says which would end the political aspirations of another candidate. A one-time slip has ended the career of many. Trump can say the same egregious thing repeatedly, and still be considered ‘entertaining.’ Chris Matthews who should know better, admits that he thought the ‘Pocahontas’ jibe for Elizabeth Warren ‘was funny’ –  until it was overused, which may be an inclination as to the sophistication of American humor in the 21st Century.

If Trump’s words aren’t bad enough – and they are, his ‘business schemes’ and lawsuits ought to point to trouble for most people. Again, we have a double standard. Imagine Hillary collecting money for veterans, then pocketing the cash.  We would not see her aga


Ironically, a short clip shows Clinton talking about trust, saying you must earn trust, “you can’t talk people into trusting you.” Again, there is a big orange blustery exception even to that rule. Speaking of Hillary, Bill believes there is an innocent reason for Hillary’s emails – and I tend to think he’s right…See if you do too. You’ll soon see why I come down on Hillary’s side on this one!