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Sports Announcer Stephen Colbert brings us the Trump VP picks!

It’s between Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Mike Pence, and if Donald Trump picks running mates as he does actual mates he may pick all three!

Sports Announcer Stephen Colbert brings us the Trump VP picks! I am sure Chris Christie did not ruin his political career and is now picking up Big Macs for The Donald for no good reason while picking him also bodes well for a good election theme.

Trump / Christie
Fat & Nasty as They Wanna Be

The Trump campaign from here on out will be about just one thing, kickin’ the crap out of an old woman, and in that Trump cannot to better than picking Christie.

Though I do wonder why any of these guys would like to be remembered as the running mate of the man who lost the presidency by the largest margin in history while at the same time handing over the Senate, the Supreme Court and most of their advantage in the House to the Democrats and destroying the Republican Party? Ah, it’s that dirty three letter word. EGO.

Well Newt is well schooled in being a big loser, he went from Speaker of the House to selling truck parts in just one year. But he clawed himself back to respect by marrying a robot woman who writes children’s books. So being a great loser is nothing new to Newt.

And Mike Pence? An evangelical fundamentalist rabid pro life nobody from nowhere? Not only boring but he represents the the one ideology we know is losing ground at about the same rate as the Solomon Islands.