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Bill Maher, Donald Trump is a whiney little witch, May 6 2016

Bill Maher, Donald Trump is a Girly Boy, May 6 2016Donny Bitch is on the rag all month long with his panties in a wad, the ultimate spoiled rich kid which is overlooked by 100 million or so white Americans who wallow in his celebration of bigotry, racism, sexism and political incorrectness. He is like watching the first half hour of Captain’s Courageous or a great painting, Little Boy Orange.

The ending credits to Bill Maher last night told a wordless story. A studio long shot of Dan Savage and Reason’s Gillespie engaged in banter, Bill Maher and Bryan Cranston also intensely engaged, with wallflower Ann Coulter left sitting by herself staring at the ceiling.

I dunno, if I saw Ann Coulter go into a ladies room I would call the North Carolina toilet police.

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