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SNL: Kate McKinnon steals the show with near death experiences

SNL: Kate McKinnon steals the show with near death experiencesIt was like a epic lady wedge, airlifted by the crotch of my sweatpants that jacked up into my coo-coo.

How many near death experiences have we heard in our lives? Has even one of them gone toward darkness, flames and feeling the heat? It seems they are all good God Fearing Christians on their way to Heaven. Jesus said that all adulterers and liars go to Hell. The first group is half of all married people, and the second is everyone else. There are 100 billion dead people I hear, must be crowded.

Prayer? Sure, like Yoga, meditation, Zen or a bit of “ommmm…” science shows there is some benefit to prayer for both the prayer and the prayee when both are aware of it. And even though blind prayer does not benefit or effect anything, we should never make fun of those praying, for after all, while they pray they are not causing pain and misery to others. In fact praying for an hour seven times a day is a good idea. A life of work, sleep and pray keeps trouble away.

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