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Bill Maher is Right about Comic Books but wrong about Stan Lee

When I was a kid Superman was my thing.  Read all the Superman comic books standing in a drug store, that had a counter and nickel cherry cokes. Mr Paulus realized it was better to have some kids reading comic books off the rack  drinking cokes than them stealing them and buying no cokes.

My two wishes at the time were to fly like Superman and have an hamster.

With that said, the bottom line of it when it comes to adults is the comic book guy on the Simpson’s. Loser. Hey, we have a new word for that! INCEL. Where the loneliness leads to hate and guns.

“Don’t talk about reading books! It alienates about 90% of Americans.” 21st Century Wiseman


I recently read a Pulitzer Prize winner about comic books.  Good read!  Learned how it works.  So my suggestion is for adults still getting off on POW, WHAM and cleavage, how about putting down the comics and reading some real literature about it.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Michael Chabon

And give Stan Lee his due. A lifetime of art promoting multiculturalism, inclusion, self confidence and fighting racism and bigotry above and beyond the call of duty.