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Bill Maher lets Ben Shapiro dance on his head

In Googling Ben Shapiro this morning I learned what the ubiquitous term used by the alt-right “cuck” means. From I think Shakespearean “cuckold” to now meaning White men who will let NWORDS screw their wives.

He also explains what the alt-right is. A full frontal ideology that if Western Civilization allows those from other races, ethnicity and religions to enter into it, Western civilization as we know it is dead.

So what’s the matter with Ben Shapiro?  After all, he is now one of the strongest voices against the alt-Right and can’t stand Donald Trump. After googling him for an hour or so this morning, I find the problem is he is in the mold of Jordan Peterson [who is just the new Charles Murray.] Making right-wing politics seem intellectual through Libertarian ideology.

Shapiro also pretends that alt-right is just a small little movement that has no power and that racism is not why Trump got elected. But rather all blame goes to Hillary being awful. Well I can assure of one thing, Ben Shapiro has never lived in Texas or the South. And if the Muslim ban, the Wall, the attacks on the NFL, Blacklivesmatter, birtherism and Charlotteville is not racism nothing is.

He is also one of the top purveyors of political correctness destroying the nation, especially going after colleges and universities. His job is to pull millennials to the Right.

This PC issue has been exaggerated now for over 30 years. In fact for 20 years David Horowitz, funded by Richard Scaife, acted as a central clearing house for all instances of PC sent in from colleges by Young Republicans around the nation. Hororwitz would then add to the already exaggerated instances, exaggerate it further, send it all out to talk radio and Fox News who exaggerate even more with The Media picks jumping in to show they are not bias. I believe that issue is what moved more people to the right than any other putting us where we are today. Abortion? Guns? LBGT? No those did not MOVE.

A good example of this is from Bill Maher himself who went crazy after a demonstration at Berkeley tried to stop him from speaking. His speaking was never in doubt, he spoke. But the picture of the demonstration proves my point. It was six women in hijabs and a slovenly fat guy in shorts. It was not the university or the students, it was 7 people screeching about the single issue of Maher’s attacks on Muslims.

Maher does have a point in that strong majorities of Muslims in Afghanistan,Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Jordan and Palestine call for the summary execution of those leaving Islam. And not one of those godawful vacation wonderlands are on Trump’s ban list.

Ben Shapiro: Civil Discourse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) -article