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Seth Meyers: Trump in No. Dakota, GOP Works to Stop Russian Probe, Replace Kennedy

Seth Meyers takes a closer look as Republicans rush to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, while demanding a halt the Russia investigation, which ‘hasn’t found a thing’ (cough) – and is a waste of taxpayer money. Do I detect insincerity?
While Jared may be the next to put on a robe and join the Supreme Court, Trump took his show to the newly baptized ‘elites’ in North Dakota, where wheat farmer’s trade fears were allayed by Trump’s plans to lease out rocket launching facilities to rich liberals like Elon Musk and others whose names he forgot. Most importantly, he plans to make buckets o’ money!  He said nothing about sharing it…Not really.

Seth believes that it’s vital for Democrats to finally ‘get’ that Republicans care nothing about being called crooks, about rules, norms or hypocrisy. If we haven’t stumbled onto it by now – when?

Trump’s Rally; Kennedy Retires; GOP Attacks Russia Probe: A Closer Look-video


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