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Bill Maher Monologue, Bombing Syria, Sept 26 2014

bill maher monologueA year ago we were about to bomb Assad in Syria, now we are bombing for Assad in Syria, while also bombing the crap out of Iraq. England has decided to only bomb the crap out of Iraq and is not expected to bomb the crap out of Syrian until next week.

Bomb company stock has gone up 20% in the last few months! Bombing is good for rich white people. Boots on the ground is also good for rich white people.

But the more serious issue here is that this is not about another Muslim terrorist group like al Qaeda or the Taliban, this is about an idea.

The Arab Spring brought a rash of secularism and democracy into Muslim governments which most Muslims don’t want. This is a reaction to that. For God is everything. God is the only meaning. God is great.

The IDEA of a Muslim State in a region drawn by Christians a century ago is here to stay which we cannot bomb away.

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