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New Rules Bill Maher, Muslims Suck! Sept 26 2014

90% of women in the moderate Muslim country of Egypt have had their clitoris cut out.

New Rules Bill MaherI suppose it could be argued that is no different than male circumcision. A spurious argument as that for men it is to enhance pleasure while for women it is to eliminate pleasure.

Bill Maher let’s liberals have it here. He argues for Christians that all religions are not alike. Though all bad, some are much worse than others. Liberals complain about all the stupid bigoted ignorant crap evangelical Christians say and do here at home while ignoring the majority of Muslims the world over who believe women who fool around should be stoned to death, those who leave the faith should be executed, that amputations in front of the market are good lessons for they children to witness and on and on we could go down that horrible religious road.

Though in their defense, Muslims are just a little behind the times. They are where Christians were 1000 years ago – which lasted about 700 years. The Christian Crusades began in 1096 and the Christian Inquisition began in 1486.

What with the ISIS beheadings, the Algerian beheading and now an African American Muslim beheading a woman in the office he worked at, Muslims are in big trouble. I hear it’s no longer just Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Bill O’Reilly and God who wants to kill them all, but Jesus too!


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