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Bill Maher Monologue, G7, Trump the turd in the punch bowl

So our President goes to the G7 to put tariffs on our friends, promote a dictator in Putin, refuses to even address global warming – after all, it is a lie perpetrated by the Chinese – and goes to smooch a mass murdering dictator in North Korea.

We also find that Putin says he talks regularly with Trump on the phone: Hannity, Alec Jones and Putin… Gosh…

What is he afraid of? What does Putin have on him.  Pee tape? Ah… All he does is play to his base and they would love to see that. His poll numbers would rise.

So what is it?  The only thing that can bring him down with the Base is if in Cohen’s data they find Trump paid for abortions.

So it’s just that Trump loves authoritarian dictators and doesn’t like democracies.

He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about G7 because its not all about him. And he is on the pardon game only because it is his only opportunity he has at absolute power.