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New Rules Bill Maher, Liberals! Less shaming and more doing, June 8 2018

I don’t know Bill, the Trump GOP has the White House, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the state legislatures, the state governors, the top cable news channe, AM radio and most all the guns.  What can they do other than shaming Trump and his new GOP?  I can think of only one thing, GET OUT THE FUCKING VOTE!

52% of Republicans say they are okay with Trump suspending the 2020 election.
80% of Republicans say Donald Trump is a role model for their children.
Chew on that.

If we don’t get out the vote, they will keep the House and Senate in 2018 and Trump will win in 2020.

What we have here in the celebrity shaming is pretending a personal attack or a dirty word is just as bad, no different and the same as overt racism. And they get away with it. Because to them bigotry and racism are good things, their heritage, their religion and their ignorance. And they are now in charge for the foreseeable future.