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Bill Maher Monologue, Ted Cruz is a Twerk, Sept 27 2013

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Bill Maher MonologueRecent polls show Ted Cruz far ahead of any other Republican contender for the White House in 2016. A head of even Christian Evangelical Libertarian Creationist Rand Paul. Wait a minute now… Ted Cruz is also a Christian Evangelical Libertarian Creationist. So that’s not the deciding factor. Hmmm… Putting an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, the EPA, the Civil Rights acts, total deregulation of bankers and Wall Street and of course no gun controls at all. Did I miss anything?  Oh yeah, taking food and health insurance from the least of us. 

So what is it, why is Ted Cruz so much more beloved than Rand Paul? I think its an even toss up. The GOP likes his name calling and apocalyptic metaphors, but more importantly the physical and intellectual likeness to on of their most beloved heroes, Tailgunner Joe McCarthy.  So when is the first Republican going to say the words that so need to be said.  “Senator Cruz, have you no shame?”