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Concealed Carry Control! : MarkFiore Cartoon

Concealed Carry Control: Mark  Fiore Cartoon  The current furor over gun control, and ongoing news of Assad’s chemical weapons prompted this cartoon by Mark Fiore. In it, we see an America where Second Amendment advocates cling to chemical weapons…They are the ultimate in protection.  This is much better explained by Fiore himself,  but may I suggest you watch the video first.


It’s very hard to write about this cartoon without first issuing a spoiler alert.  If you want the full experience of the cartoon, stop reading now and watch the cartoon.  Strangely enough, I had started writing this cartoon before the Washington Navy Yard killings.
After reading about the current state of gun control, and after being deluged with news about controlling Assad’s chemical weapons, I just had to make the comparison.

All of the NRA justifications for unbridled gun distribution seem to work just fine when it comes to chemical weapons.  If only Assad had Wayne LaPierre, he’d be doing much better in the eyes of the world.
An attention-getting mass shooting like that at the Navy Yard just barely scratches the surface of the problem with guns in the United States.  The real weapons of mass destruction that don’t discriminate between young and old, combatant and noncombatant, are running rampant in cities like Oakland, Detroit and Chicago.

Enjoy the cartoon, and send it along to your friends and enemies.