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Bill Maher New Rules, King Cyrus is King Trump! March 8 2019

A couple of good zingers last night:

“CPAC speakers Glen Beck, Devin Nunez, Judge Jeanine, and Trump himself, a virtual Woodstock of the mentally impaired.”

“Trump is the type of man who could go into a confessional booth and never come out”.

This one is making fun of Evangelical Christians aka King Cyrus, who they and the Likud Party claim is the same as King Trump. Cyrus the Persian king who threw the Babylonians out of Jerusalem and let the Jews rebuild the temple. Under Persian rule.

You know the Bible also describes the anti-Christ as everything Trump happens to be. And they vote for him knowing that full well.
Because he promised to change the nature of our politics and culture from directed by well educated smart people to handing it over to ignorant buffoons. Which he did, so give him that.

41% of all U.S. adults, 54% of Protestants and 77% of Evangelicals believe the rapture is coming in their lifetimes. You know, Jesus appears on the magic rocks in Israel and murders everyone – 7 billion people including all Jews – except those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  God did the biggest genocide in history with the flood and now his child tops it off with another Genocide of all Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists and so on… What a great book to teach your children about!  Get that in every classroom! Along with telling the kids that if God tells you to slit your child’s throat, DO IT or ELSE! You know like Andrea Yates. Who lived about a mile away from here.