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HUGE College Admissions Scandal, Trump SATs, Manafort – Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers makes the case that the brains of rich people are poisoned.  Consider the forty wealthy individuals including celebrities and business leaders who bought their unremarkable offspring admittance to prestigious schools in a record-breaking $25 million admissions fraud scheme. Said one ambitious celebrity parent when caught; “Ruh-Roh.”

In Manafort’s worst day this week, he was sentenced one case, and indicted another. He was previously sentenced for stealing money and spending it on an ostrich coat instead of bribing a soccer coach.  Clearly he does not care about his children’s future.

More academia:
Trump, who waged a vicious campaign to reveal Obama’s disappointing – read excellent transcripts and test scores, became shy when asked to compare his own; I presume it is  because he is a reserved and modest man.
Please sit down before you read this. Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testified that Trump directed him to threaten schools and college boards not to release his SAT scores or transcripts. Whether Cohen threatened to break kneecaps or pulled the old ‘my client is wealthy and will ruin you’ routine is not yet known.