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Bill Maher Real Time editorial, Trump and Clinton are not equally flawed, October 28 2016

New Rules Bill Maher, White black Republicans for Trump, October 28 2016 Bill Maher Real Time editorial, Trump and Clinton are not equally flawed, October 28 2016Most people say Hillary is untrustworthy and dishonest, 40% of Americans think Donald Trump would make a good president, which proves Americans are dumber than mud. White mud. Equally flawed THEY ALL say, endlessly.  What a hoot.

A charitable foundation that uses it’s name power names to save the lives of tens of millions of poor people in Africa with a 87% actual charity rate is the same as a charity foundation that uses name power to enrich and promote that name. And it’s all the same! It’s equally horrible and corrupt. How can anyone think that way, yet alone most people?  A mix of manure in the air, pigpoop in the ground, and white gravy in the water.

Hillary Clinton’s political falsehood rate is 27%, Bernie Sanders is 28%, The Donald is at 76%. Donald trump tells on average about 7 lies a day, Hillary has told one, that she did not send or receive classified material on the President’s secured server in her home, that is not even a lie, it is what she believed.

She deleted 33,000 emails, well good for her, they were her emails. SO WHAT.  As Bernie says STOP WITH THE DAMN EMAILS. It is meaningless, it is politics.

When the Clintons came out of the White House they were $200,000 in debt, broke, but they say she lied. After the White House they sold their name to speeches and the foundation and books and made millions. GOOD FOR THEM!  Gosh.

Trump University a scam to cheat people out of their life savings, many of them veterans, equal to  a livetime of public service  with Hillary Clinton?  And on it goes with the right-wing machine pouring this crap on her for 30 years. She killed 46 people in Arkansas and her First Lady White House Lover in Marcy Park at lunch.

The media so not lose share and make more money have not only pretend this whole thing is razor edge close but have to pile on Hillary for something to make it seem fair.  A vindictive narcissist with his finger on the button is the same as someone who had a private server. Which was not hacked though the State Department, the DNC, and the Pentagon have all been hacked.  Gee…

Hillary Clinton has given her life to public service, looking out for women and children and doing what she can to better America and the world while Donald Trump has never done one damn thing for anyone other than himself. And it’s all equal.  BULLSHIT.

Reminds of a poem I wrote 25 years ago.

Animal Ranch

Ten little piggies in a piggy pen bought a goat to work for them.
They gave that goat a kick and hit and made him live in the poop.

They screamed and hollered and called him names.
They wouldn’t let him play in their little piggy games.

Pigs were better than the goats for they were pink and wore no coats.
Ten piggies treated that goat like crap and pretty soon it hated back.

And now I hear who’s to blame, the guilt is equal it’s all the same.