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Bill Maher Monologue, will Weiner Dickpics give us President Trump, October 28 2016

bill maher monologueSo now on top of all the horror of one classified email with a (c) at the bottom, we have more horrific Hillary treason found on Anthony Weiner’s home computer. No wait, that’s possible treason in league with a Muslim woman!  Hillary is now associated with Dickpics from dickpicking internet child molester!  Worse than wussygate!  Okay, not worse but at least EQUAL TO!  Wait, no, it’s just SOMETHING not ANYTHING.  The entire American media has been put on HALT for 24 hours now with SOMETHING OR OTHER.  Headlines. SOMETHING IS GOING ON!  We are The Donald.  We deserve President Trump.  Total nuclear annihilation is better than that uppity witch in the White House, especially after suffering an uppity Negro in the White House for 8 years.  Uppity, elite, both mean the same thing – anyone smarter than Gary Busey.