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Bill Maher with Jordan Peterson and Political Correctness

Bill Maher said “chick.” OMG, perhaps as many as a dozen people of America’s 320 million will poop their pants. All women. Oops, did I really say that?

I have been screeching about Political Correctness since Rush Limbaugh began it in 1988. I believe it is the single most important issue that moved working class Americans to the Republican Party.

Maher and Peterson blame it on university faculty, okay, I get that.
But in my decades of being a Liberal I have never personally experienced it from anyone other than my Mother. Or myself in asking someone not to use the NWORD in front of my children.

The big fail here is that these so called snowflakes are a minute percentage of Liberals. When you see them protesting there are a handful of them outside some campus building. An example was the protest against Bill Maher at Berkely. I saw it. I was six women in Hijabs and a fat guy in shorts.

Since Limbaugh began his war on Political Correctness, which was the single most successful political game in the history of the Republican Party, there have been organizations on college campuses that seek out, embellish and report every instance over the past 40 years. In fact it was David Horowitz funded by Richard Mellon Scaife who was the data center for it for decades. Young Republicans would send the stuff to Horowitz, who would send it to all the talk radio hosts, and then The Media would jump on board to show their unbiased nature. And here we are with Donald Trump as President who won the White House playing it.

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